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Dear Readers and fellow-bloggers!

It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has been happening in the world … Sudan held its referendum, Ivory Coast still hangs in a balance, Tunisia has a new government after a single act of self-immolation set off a revolution in a country most of us saw as a picturesque tourist destination. Mohamed Bouazizi’s sacrifice churned emotions in other neighbouring Arab nations and started a chain reaction! Now Egypt is in turmoil. After eight days of protests against President Hosni Mobarak, the Prez‘s followers came out rattling sabres with a distinctly anti-West mood and the protests turned violent …

I have been torn between writing about the people’s revolution that has the world riveted and writing a piece that gives a historic perspective to the entire region. I would rather do a piece on history but it takes time to research and see a comprehensive picture emerge from all the facts and figures.

While I gather my material, I cannot help but feel blessed to be living through historic times …


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