The Powerful Vs The Celebrated

Remember when I gave you the wiki on Wikileaks some days ago? Those leaks have led to a flood of powerful enemies for Julian Assange, the founder of the whistle-blower website. The western diplomatic comunity and the US State Department are furious and curiously, powerful American companies are dumping or deserting Julian Assange faster than you can say, well … Wiki!

First Amazon stopped hosting Wikileak’s servers. Next domain name company, everyDNS withdrew its services effectively shutting down Now PayPal and VISA have both stopped processing payments for Wikileaks and Assange’s Swiss bank account has been closed.

But Wikileaks has managed to stay online by nimbly moving its domain name servers around and offering mirror sites. It now has 14 DNS servers in 14 countries and 500 mirror sites, making it next to impossible for a governent to shut it down.

While Julian Assange has made some powerful enemies, he has made some strong allies, too. One such ally is Twitter. As soon as the domain went down, its Twitter page published the site’s IP address and alerted people to the mirror sites that popped up.

Some of his newfound allies are celebrities who do not know Assange personally but believe in his cause and the right to freedom of information. They are socialite and fund-raiser Jemima Khan, film maker Ken Loach, journalist and filmmaker John Pilger, professor Patricia David, a  top lawyer Geoffrey Sheen and an unknown American relation. They have jointly pledged over 180,000 pounds for Assange’s bail when it is granted.

This is going to be a battle worth watching as it plays out on the world stage. With so many people watching I hope justice will be served and correctly.


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