Too cold to text or tweet?

Try Twittens … the gloves for the text generation!

Till last winter Lincoln McCradle of London, Ontario was frustrated trying to work his iPod with his gloved fingers. He wished he had a glove with a removable hood on his index finger. His friend, a Blackberry user, said he would need a hoodie on the thumb too, to enable texting and tweeting.

McCradle thought it was an idea worth pursuing and called several glove manufacturers but taking the precaution to trademark his invention, Twittens, just in case anyone bit into the idea. Lo and behold, a manufacturer did and they are rushing out 1,000 pairs just in time for Christmas.

So far you can get them in black only in extra-small, medium and extra-large. If there is sufficient interest, Impacto Protective Products plan to introduce more colours and sizes.

You can order your own Twittens by going to the website:


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