There’s been a theft outside my house!

A woman in Kent, England called 999 to say, “There’s been a theft from outside my house. I haven’t been out to check on him for five hours but I went outside for a fag and he’s gone.” Who’s gone, asked the operator. The woman replied,”My snowman.”

The operator told her she had called an emergency line and she should not be calling it to report the theft of a snowman.The call was made when the emergency line was inundated with thousands of calls from across the county because of heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures.

The police have spoken to the woman and told her she had been extremely irresponsible calling the emergency line.  Her call may have costed someone else’s life if someone had been unable to get a call through for a genuine emergency.

999 is the emergency number in several countries such as Poland, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Macao, Bahrain, Qatar, Bangladesh, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya,               Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Trinidad and Tobago.

The UK and Europe has been experiencing harsh winter conditions for several days now. There are fresh warnings of widespread ice, rain, sleet or snow for many parts of the UK. Heavy snow and freezing temperatures across Northern Europe has killed dozens of people in weather-related accidents.

Meanwhile a state of emergency has been declared in Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro where heavy rainfall has lead to severe flooding along the Drina River. It’s the heaviest flooding that has occurred in the region in 104 years.


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