The wiki-wiki on WikiLeaks

I’ve been scouring for relevant news to put on this blog since last night but all every newspaper or online news sites want to talk about are WikiLeaks! So what’s the wiki-wiki on Wikileaks?

It’s not related to Wikipedia. Nah, not even a little. Wiki sites are made using wiki software that allows users to collaboratively create and edit web pages using a web browser. WikiLeaks isn’t. It allows anyone to anonymously “leak” sensitive documents from governments and organizations. Documents, videos, screenshots submitted to WikiLeaks are then reviewed by a team that include journalists and WikiLeaks staff who decide what will be published.

“We specialise in allowing whistle-blowers and journalists who have been censored to get material out to the public,” said Mr Julian Assange, who describes himself as the “he heart and soul of this organization, its founder, philosopher, spokesperson, original coder, organizer, financier, and all the rest”. Hmmmm …

What has it leaked so far?

  • A document that detailed restrictions placed on prisoners at the infamous Guantanamo Bay, a detention camp in Cuba where the US holds suspected terrorists;
  • Screenshots from Sarah Palin‘s Yahoo Inbox showing photographs and emails when she was a Vice-Presidential candidate
  • Video of a US helicopter killing 12 civilians including two journalists during a 2007 attack in Baghdad
  • 90,000 secret records of US military intelligence about the war in Afghanistan
  • 400,000 documents about events in Iraq after the 2003 invasion
  • The latest leak is a series of 250,000 secret messages or “cables” sent by US diplomatic staff

This latest leak has the world media in a twitter. Once the dust settles everyone will see these leaks for what they are – diplomatic chatter and political gossip that may embarrass a few, put a few noses out of joint but nothing much else.

Much is shady about WikiLeaks – recent financial problems, PayPal freezing the site’s donation account, advisors who have publicly denied being their advisors, a $500,000 grant that was not awarded to them and internal strife and many legal battles

Will a whistle soon blow on the whistle-blower?


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