Outsourced: Your Accountant

To Sri Lanka.

English is spoken widely in the tiny tropical island situated at the southern tip of India. 90% of its 20 million population is literate and wages are low.

Add to that Colombo’s proximity to palm-fringed beaches, superb seafood restaurants and its stately colonial architecture and you have a great destination for business travelers.

50,000 Sri Lankans are already employed in some form of outsourcing, but Accounting is its specialty. Sri Lankan accountants are crunching numbers for some of the world’s biggest companies.

Sri Lanka gained independence from Britain’s colonial Raj in 1948 but is a country slowly emerging out of a bitter civil war between the Sinhalese majority and the minority Tamils. After 25 years of civil unrest, the conflict appears to have come to an end in May 2009 when the government seized the last area under control of the Tamil rebels.


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