50 days in the Pacific in an aluminum boat

Samu Perez, Filo Filo and Eduard Nasau live in the Tokelau Islands in the South Pacific. On October 5 they set off in their little aluminum boat to participate in an annual sporting event and they never came back. Samu and Filo Filo are 15 and their friend, Edward is 14. Yeah …

If you have ever flown over the Pacific you’ll know how vast that ocean is. After an unsuccessful search, the teenagers were given up for dead. Their little the village of 500 people held memorial services, expecting never to see the boys again.

But after 50 days, a tuna-fishing boat spotted them adrift north-east of  the islands of Fiji, alive and in good spirits. They had not seen any other ships go by them during the entire time as those waters are infrequently travelled by boats.

The boys had managed to survive on a small supply of coconuts, rain water they had trapped in a tarpaulin and a sea-bird they managed to catch. In the last couple of days they had started to drink sea water which would have been deadly for them.

An aunt of one of the boys thinks they may have been trying to sail to Australia or the US. Their youth and gusto may have saved them but they have also learned a good lesson!


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