The Pope condones the condom

The condom, in some form or the other, has been in use for several centuries for birth control and to protect against sexually-transmitted diseases. In the 1700’s it used to be made of chemically-treated linen or from animal intestines or bladders (yew!). It was in the mid-1800’s that rubber condoms became popular, and since then things have only gotten better and cheaper.

It remains the cheapest methods of contraception and safest way to prevent the spread of HIV or AIDS.

For centuries the Roman Catholic Church has opposed the condom, calling  it an artificial form of birth control. This stand has been difficult in itself for AIDS campaigners in Catholic populations around the world. To make matters worse, Pope Benedict on a visit to Cameroon last year, said condoms were “not really the way to deal with the evil of HIV infection“!


It looks like the Vatican has seen the light and realized the “evil” is not in the humble condom in itself. The Old Man has said today that the use of condoms may not always be wrong. It can be justified in certain cases to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS.



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