This is for those who get their news from Facebook …

I am a mom. So are many of you. Or Dads … I am not sexist …After watching Julie and Julia earlier this year I was blown away with how Julie managed to reach an audience outside her little apartment through her cookery blog.

No, no … this is not another cookery blog. Far from it, my husband is the great cook. I am the quick-fix-mealmaker and yes, my kids do like the few things I routinely rustle up. They give each dish some outlandish name that has nothing to do with either the ingredients or the flavours … like this thing I make with chicken in a gravy made of sour cream, curry powder, freshly ground pepper and fresh cilantro leaves. They named it Sunny Corn Chicken. Go figure!

Where am I? Right … Julie and Julia, but not really … I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together a weekly overview of World News that affect our lives. Stories or events that could impact our lives for a long time. Not some petty frivolous nonsense that should not make it outside of a community newspaper or TMZ.

You know, what constitutes News now has really changed and it really saddens me. We have such short attention spans that unless the headline news shocks us out of our stupor, it’s not news. So I got to thinking about how I could get my kids to get a quick tour of weekly newsworthy events without taking too much of their time away from fun online activities. A PowerPoint presentation would not cut it … imagine this  …Come kids, time for the Weekly News. Click, click … Mom, can we go now?? No … ain’t happening …

That’s how I thought of a blog. Hopefully I can make it cool enough for kids to come here and, come back again and again. It’s ambitious, but what have I got to lose?

Okay … time to find that News Outside My Window!

See ya!


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