Godfather who isn’t in heaven

Nicolo Rizzuto and his Fedora

How many of you have seen the movie trilogy, Godfather? Well, maybe you have heard about it? Whatever you may know or remember, you must know that it is probably the greatest movies ever made about a powerful mafia family. Mafia means a criminal brotherhood. A brotherhood for a cause, but the “cause”was usually controlling some illegal business – drugs, prostitution.

Did you know that Mafia actually exists to this day? Not just in Italy or Mexico or America but right here in Canada? On November 10, a real mafia don who lived to be a grandfather, was shot to death in his Montreal home.

Nicolo Rizzuto was born in 1924 in Sicily and immigrated to Montreal in the 1950’s. He gained his notorious reputation in drugs and narcotics. He was shot in his own home but it is not know yet who killed him. His funeral took place today in true “mob” fashion in a church in the neighbourhood of “Little Italy” in Montreal.


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